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About us

Breeding Does

Boer (Meat), Boer/Kiko (Meat), or Nubian (Dairy)


Breeding Buck (Registered Boer)


Breeding Boar (Red Wattle/Mulefoot)

Pure Breed Chickens

Brown, Light Brown, Blue, Green Layers

Our Services

4H Goats and Goat Milk Products

We breed Boer and Boer/Kiko Cross meat goats for the 4H market and for others to purchase for their herd or freezer. We also offer our buck, Atlas, for services for your does. Starting for the 2019 season we will also have a few dairy goats available. Please check back for our availability. We also make goat milk products on a limited basis. Make sure to follow our FaceBook Page for the most up to date information.

Heritage Pork

We raise your hog for your freezer. We raise heritage breeds hogs to add to your farm or freezer. This pork is slow grown and has excellent marbling through. We are committed to quality meat from our farm to your table. Raised hormone free. Look at our sample Hog Contract for more details. We will also have feeder hogs available for purchase as well.

Cage Free Eggs and Pure Breed Chickens

We have cage free eggs from our flock of farm raised hens. If you'd like some eggs the fastest way to contact us is through FaceBook. We enjoy hatching and raising our pure bred chickens. We have a variety. Our availability will be posted here.

Encouragement, Tech, & Website Needs

The most important part of our farm life is our faith. We like to encourage others whenever we can as well as serve our friends and Our Lord.

We also offer our services to help you with your IT and website needs. Email us to see how we can help you!!

Please let us know how we can encourage you with your faith, your family, and your farm. We are also a proud homeschooling family who loves to encourage others in training and educating their children. We are thankful to Christ who has given us all things. Let us know how we can pray for you!

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